Mole or Wart Removal Treatment

Mole/Wart Removal Treatment

Is your mole or wart growing with you since birth?

Has it always made you uncomfortable in public? You don’t have to live with it anymore! Dr. Harmandeep Sidhu in Chandigarh can treat these moles and warts without any side effects. Contact her now!

What are Moles and Warts?

The presence of higher pigmentation on small patches of the skin with minor protruding makes up the moles and warts. They are painless and do not pose any harm to the skin or the other body parts.

However, their presence on the face, arms, or other body parts might attract undue attention from people around you.

Are you often advised to use home methods or rudimentary techniques for the removal by people around you? We’ll suggest you not follow them and get help from a professional dermatologist. Dr. Harmandeep Sidhu (Chandigarh, India) is the best choice. She has already treated hundreds of patients with moles and warts.

You should rely on a knowledgeable doctor with similar experience instead of experimenting with your body.

Different Methods For Wart Or Mole Removal

No one method fits all situations in this treatment. Depending upon the size of the mole and the area of its existence, here are the techniques that Dr. Harmandeep Sidhu usually employs:

Using a powerful laser beam to break the pigmentation in the skin helps to remove the mole. Once it heals, it looks like normal skin.

Depending upon the location of the wart or mole, your doctor might decide to use regular surgical procedures.

Exposure to extremely cold temperatures can deaden the cells and make it possible to remove those cells for good.

Risks In The Mole Or Wart Removal Treatment

There are no specific risks involved in this treatment. However, the mild impact of the treatment could be felt in the following ways:

A few patients might complain about pain. But it is also catered through local anesthesia, and you won’t feel anything.


Depending upon the sensitivity of the skin and the method used, your skin might go through bruises. But they are temporary and will heal in a day or two.


Just like bruises on the areas with moles or warts, redness might occur, which goes away as the skin heals.

You must not get into direct sunlight after the treatment for 2-3 days. Once the bruise recovers, you can resume the normal routine without any precautions or safety measures.

Below are the main reasons for choosing Dr. Harmandeep Sidhu:

  • Offers you the best advice and treatment regarding your skin problem as a dermatology specialist
  • Serves in Chandigarh; so you can contact her for your mole removal treatment
  • Has a state-of-the-art facility with the latest technology
  • With over 12 years of experience, you can expect the best treatment in town

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