Hair PRP Treatment

hair PRP Treatment

Hair PRP Treatment in Chandigarh

Have you faced an injury on your head that has reduced hair growth and quality? The hair damage, which was once considered irreparable or time consuming after the injury, is no more a problem.

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What is Hair PRP Treatment?

PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma. In this treatment, the doctor takes blood from the healthy parts of your body and injects the platelet-rich plasma into the recovering body part. It can be anywhere on the skin, including the head.

The platelet-rich plasma contains healing proteins that start working on your hair on the spot. You can set a faster pace for your hair recovery by opting for this treatment.

Tiny needles are used in this treatment to provide the platelet-rich plasma to the required region. They contain the body fluid from the patient and are known as PRP injections.

What are the benefits of PRP Treatment?

Doctors use PRP Treatment for multiple benefits. Here are a few that you would like to know about:

Whether it is your muscle or hair, you can benefit from the PRP treatment to provide the required protein for recovery purposes. It speeds up the entire process, and you can get the intended benefits a lot quicker than without the treatment.

If your head has undergone surgery, getting PRP treatment results in healing muscles and ligaments, which otherwise take a long time in the restorative process.


This treatment works effectively in male pattern baldness. It does not only prevent hair loss but also stimulates the growth of new hair.


Doctors might use PRP for skin rejuvenation, but its role as an anti-aging agent or wrinkle remover is yet to be researched.

Side Effects of PRP Therapy

PRP therapy for hair is usually safe and less risky because the blood is drawn from the patient’s body, so the chances of allergic reactions are rare. But you must get the treatment from a professional dermatologist in Chandigarh who knows the complete procedure and the possible risks involved.

In a few cases, the patients might face:

Acute ache or soreness might occur at the location from where the blood is drawn. Usually, it recovers in a few days on its own.

While treating the problematic area, the needle will have to be inserted for serum. During the process, capillaries or blood vessels might get damaged. It can form a clot. It is not severe, and your body can take care of it.


The skin needs healing since in this treatment; the laser beam damages the hair follicle by reaching it so that more hair is not produced. This damage can also result in slight irritation or redness of the skin.

The skin around the PRP injection site might show discoloration. It is because of the bruising through the needles. It must go away within 2-3 days. But if it doesn’t, then you must contact your dermatologist.


You can expect 3 to 6 months for the completion of treatment. The exact time depends upon the extent of baldness and your skin type.

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